September Newsletter

General news/info

  • Welcome- A big welcome back to school to all of our pupils, staff and parents.  A special welcome to our 23 new Junior Infants and to Jaxon and Michael who have joined 1st class. We are enjoying getting to know you all!  We are delighted to welcome back Mr. Kinsella from his career break and Jane in 6th class!
  • School population- This year we have 195 pupils, admin principal, 7 class teachers, 2 SEN teachers, 3 SNAs, caretaker, secretary and cleaner.
  • Aladdin Connect/School Payments-We would like to thank all parents for their co-operation with Aladdin Connect and the move to online payments for our school.  As you can imagine, 195 pupils paying for schoolbooks, swimming, cycling, school tours and other expenses translates to handling a lot of money throughout the year.  It is safer for everyone not to have this cash on the premises.  We do understand that moving to online payments is a big change and will take time. Please register your phone number on the Aladdin app if you have not already done so as we will soon be communicating with parents through the app rather than by text message.  If you’re having any trouble with the app please contact Clodagh in the school office and she will be delighted help you out.
  • Summer works-A big thank you to Jim, Bernie, Seanie and Mike for all the work they did improving our school building over the summer holidays.  This work included replacing all the toilet seats across the school, putting a new door on one of the toilets, four classroom carpets were replaced, window blinds repaired, windows cleaned and painting done where needed.
  • New Build update-We are still at the planning stages of the build of our new classroom and accessible toilet. 
  • Shining Lights Awards-We will continue to give Shining Light awards this year. These awards will be given to pupils who stand out in terms of the respect, kindness, manners, forgiveness, support etc that they show to others. These awards can be given by any staff to any pupil across the school.
  • Parent Teacher Communication-If you wish to meet with your child’s class teacher or the principal please call the school office (9am-2pm) and make an appointment. Remember, if you have a query or concern regarding your child you should always speak to the class teacher first.
  • Morning Supervision & Assembly-There is no supervision for pupils in the school yard before 9am on school mornings. Please do not drop pupils to school before 9am.  Pupils should assemble in the yard in the mornings and line up when the bell rings. A teacher and two SNAs will be supervising from 9am.  Pupils are not allowed access to the classrooms until 9.20am. The only exception to this is when it is raining and pupils will go straight to their classrooms.  If a pupil needs to use the toilet before 9.20am they should ask permission from a supervising adult.
  • Time changes-We have moved our lunch-break from 12.30pm to 12.45pm.  This is to allow for more teaching time between the breaks and to slightly reduce the afternoon teaching session.  The daily teaching time remains the same overall.
  • Birthday Invitations-Please be mindful that it can be very upsetting when a child does not receive an invitation to a party. Please do not distribute party invitations at school unless there is one for everyone.  Thank you for your understanding.
  • School Jumpers-Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly printed on their uniform and tracksuit jumpers.
  • SING OUT LOUD-3rd to 6th class will take part in the Sing Out Loud event in the National Opera House in November.  We will be busy learning the songs and we are excited to perform again at this great concert!
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School policies

  • Child Safeguarding Statement-The Board of Management has completed the annual review of this policy and it is on display on the main noticeboard in the school.  It is also available to view on our website
  • Homework-We ask that a parent/minder sign the child’s journal every day.  This is to confirm that the child’s homework is completed to the best of their ability and also for parents to see what your child is learning at school.  Teachers will be checking journals regularly.
  • Absences-Please ensure that a note is written to the class teacher to explain any absence from school eg. illness, etc.
  • School Lunches-A reminder that all school lunch rubbish must be brought home by all pupils.  This is important as parents will then know exactly what their children are eating while at school. If your child does not like something that they are getting for their lunch, please change their menu on the Fresh Today Website. Please avoid giving young pupils ‘Frube’ yoghurts for lunch as they can be very messy. We operate a Healthy eating Policy at Rathnure NS. One small treat is permitted for lunch on Fridays.
  • Sign Out Sheet-Best practice is that pupils be signed out of school if they are leaving at any stage during the school day.  The sign out sheet is located on the windowsill beside the secretary’s office and we would ask anyone collecting a pupil during the school day for any reason to please sign them out.  Please include the pupil’s name, the time they are leaving and the signature of the person collecting them. If the pupil is returned to school they should be signed back in.  Many thanks for your co-operation.

School committees

  • Green Flag- Please send in any old batteries, stamps, mobile phones and ink cartridges on Fridays for recycling.
  • Health Promoting school-Our first Mindfulness Monday will take place on Monday 7th October.  Every Monday is Fruit & Veg Monday.  Please try to include an extra piece of fruit or veg in your child’s lunch. Please avoid sending nuts in your child’s lunch.

Curriculum info

  • Literacy Initiatives-In the first term ‘Literacy Lift Off’ will be provided four days a week in Senior Infants for six weeks. We will also be running Literacy Hour in the senior classes.
  • Think Maths-Like last year, we will run a Junior & Senior maths problem of the week competition.  Every pupil has the opportunity to answer the problem and a winner is picked from a hat of correct answers during assembly.  Thanks to Mrs. Quigley for organising this.


  • Swimming Lessons-Mrs. Quigley and Mrs. Keogh’s classes will have 6 weeks of swimming lessons in The Apex in New Ross starting Tuesday 17th September.
  • Football Lunchtime League-Thanks to Mr. Wright who is running this fun league at the moment.

Parents association

  • AGM– A big thank you to the members of the outgoing committee for all of their hard work. The AGM of the Parents Association will take place soon. 

Dates for your diary

  • Wednesday 11th September 7pm-Fr. Broaders will meet the parents of 2nd class in the school, in relation to the Do this in Memory programme.
  • Thursday 12th September 7pm- Theresa Tierney, Senior NEPs psychologist will give a short talk for parents about Literacy difficulties in children.  She will discuss interventions, concerns about dyslexia and she will give information about assessments. If you have any concerns about your child’s level of literacy or if you think they may be experiencing some difficulties we would advise you to come along to the talk.
  • Saturday 23rd May-First Holy Communion. 10am Rathnure and 12pm Templeudigan

Upcoming courses/Workshops for parents:

  • Wexford County Council Public Library Service and Young People Services Committee have organised a series of talks, called Parenting Today. Please check out details of the events and booking.

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