Attendance Policy

Statement of Strategy for School Attendance


Name of school Rathnure NS
Address Rathnure, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford
Roll Number 17707N
The school’s vision and values in relation to attendance At Rathnure NS we envisage that all pupils will attend school unless there is a valid reason ie illness, dental appointment etc
The school’s high expectations around attendance To maintain our current level of attendance and to provide incentives to improve attendance focusing of specific children.
How attendance will be monitored Aladdin Software
Summary of the main elements of the school’s approach to attendance:

·     Target setting and targets

·     The whole-school approach

·     Promoting good attendance

·     Responding to poor attendance

  • Attendance certs at end of the year for pupils missing three days or less.
  • Provide positive reinforcement for pupils who tend to have higher levels of absenteeism e.g. reward if pupil is in school for two weeks solid.
  • Discussion/notification with parents when deemed appropriate to raise concerns regarding a pupil’s level of absenteeism.
  • Letter to parents when pupil misses 10/15/20 days.
  • Pupil of the Week Award
  • Class of the Month Award


School roles in relation to attendance Class teachers to monitor pupil’s attendance and report any concerns to Principal. DP to report to TUSLA regarding attendance.
Partnership arrangements (parents, students, other schools, youth and community groups) No formal partnership arrangements. Regular communication with parents.
How the Statement of Strategy will be monitored As part of our DEIS plan, we will review targets each year and adjust as necessary.
Review process and date for review September 2019
Date the Statement of Strategy was approved by the Board of Management October 2017
Date the Statement of Strategy submitted to Tusla 26.09.2017