Our school follows the 5 Ways to Wellbeing: Connect, Give, Keep Learning, Take Notice and Be Active. We use each as a theme for two months. Wellbeing Wednesday is celebrated on the last Wednesday of the month. The Wellbeing Committee decide on an activity for each class related to the monthly theme. It could be a meditation, some yoga, going on a nature walk, tidying their space, learning sign language, etc.

Every December we celebrate Wellbeing Week. Each day is dedicated to one of the Ways of Wellbeing with lots of fun activities to encourage Well Becoming in each of our pupils and teachers.

Consultation with pupils, parents and staff have shaped how we celebrate our pupils. Shining Lights are awarded by teachers to pupils outside their own classroom for displaying extraordinary kindness, helpfulness, leadership, empathy, courage, excellence, etc. They are announced over the intercom every Friday. Teachers also give Happy Grams to their own pupils celebrating their perseverance, improvement, creativity, respect, etc.

The Wellbeing Committee have set up a quiet corner of the yard called the Cúinne Ciúin where pupils can sit and read, doodle, chat or play board games.

Junior and Senior Infants cover the Zippy’s Friends programme. This is a series of 24 lessons that teach pupils social and emotional skills.  In 4th Class, pupils complete the WHO-recognised programme Friends for Life. It is a social skills and resilience curriculum which is used as an effective tool to prevent anxiety and provide pupils with strategies to rise to life’s challenges.