The Arts

The primary school curriculum includes three subjects under the general heading of Arts. These are Visual Arts, Drama and Music. Here at Rathnure NS we engage with these subjects in a very meaningful way.

Each week a class presents an assembly in front of the entire school. This platform is used to encourage and develop public speaking skills, to perform songs, music and drama to a large and real audience.

Music and song can be heard in the corridors of Rathnure NS on a daily basis. Our school choir enhances school liturgical services and has been invited to perform at other community based events also. There is a wealth of musical talent within the school and pupils get the opportunity to develop their musical talent and grow in confidence by playing as part of a School Trad Group and taking part in interschools competitions such as Scór na bPáistí.

Each year we endeavor to participate in collaborative arts projects with people from outside our own school community. Such projects have included CraFted, Living Arts Project, Sing Out Loud, Funky Kids, and Cow House Studios projects.