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Welcome- A big welcome back to school to all of our pupils, staff and parents.  A special welcome to our 27 new Junior Infants!
County Champions-Congratulations to the U10 girls and U12 boys who won their County Finals last week!!
Green Flag- Please send in any old batteries, stamps, mobile phones and ink cartridges on Thursdays for recycling. Please continue to support our school and St. Vincent de Paul by placing old newspapers in the bins provided outside the school.
Health Promoting School- Achievements Book-Each week, as part of the Health Promoting Schools initiative an achievements book is passed through the school.  Any achievements that the pupils have are filled into the book and the achievements are then read out during assembly on Fridays!! In this way each pupils’ successes are celebrated!
Literacy Initiatives-In the first term ‘Literacy Lift Off’ will be provided three days a week in First Class. Literacy Lift off is a group based literacy initiative where a teacher is with each small group and they work on phonics, reading and writing. Literacy hour will also take place in Mrs. Quigley and Mrs. Keogh’s class this half term.
Pupil of the week-One pupil each week from each class will be named as ‘Pupil of the week’.  This award can be given for any reason: academic, sporting, social.  Certificates will be presented to the winning pupils at school assembly every Friday.
Class of the Month- Pupils receive stars for their class from other teachers when they are polite, helpful to staff and to other pupils, respectful towards others, following the school rules, trying their best etc. The stars are counted at the end of each month and the class with the most stars will be ‘Class of the Month’.  The reward is decided on by the class teacher.
Infant Collection at 2pm-From Monday 14th September Junior Infants will stay at school until 2pm and may be collected at the tennis court.
Parent Teacher Communication-If you wish to meet with your child’s class teacher or the principal please call the school office (9am-1pm) and make an appointment. Remember if you have a query or concern regarding your child you should always speak to the class teacher first.
Morning Supervision & Assembly-There is no supervision for pupils in the school yard before 9am on school mornings. Please do not drop pupils to school before 9am.  Pupils should assemble in the yard in the mornings and line up when the bell rings. A teacher and the SNAs will be supervising.  Pupils are not allowed access to the classrooms until 9.20am. The only exception to this is when it is raining and pupils assemble in the school hall.  If a pupil needs to use the toilet before 9.20am they should ask permission from the supervising teacher.

Please note that chewing gum is not allowed in school.
School Lunches-A reminder that all school lunch rubbish must be brought home by all pupils.  This is important as parents will then know exactly what their children are eating while at school. If your child does not like something that they are getting for their lunch, please change their menu on the Fresh Today Website.
Sign Out Book-Best practice is that pupils be signed out of school of they are leaving at any stage during the school day.  The sign out book is located on the windowsill beside Clodagh’s office and we would ask anyone collecting a pupil during the school day for any reason to please sign them out.  Please include the pupil’s name, the time they are leaving and the signature of the person collecting them. If the pupil is returned to school they should be signed back in.  Many thanks for your co-operation.
Teaching Practice-We are delighted to welcome back again teaching student and past pupil Stephen Levingstone who will spend this term working and gaining experience in our school.
Think Maths-Like last year we will run a maths problem of the week competition.  Every pupil has the opportunity to answer the problem and a winner is picked from a hat of correct answers during assembly.  There is a Junior and a Senior problem of the week.  Thanks to Mrs. Quigley for organising this.
Computer Room-We are delighted to begin using our new computer room this week!
School Attendance-We will report on school attendance in each newsletter.  Please try to avoid planning holidays during term time.
Homework Club-Miss. Doyle and Miss. Wheelock will run a homework club Monday to Thursday after school from Monday 7th September in the computer room.
Mobile Library-The mobile library will visit the school every second Thursday.  Pupils from 2nd to 6th Class will attend the library. Please ensure that your child has their library card with them. The next library visit is on Thursday 17th September.
Rackard League Football- For logistical reasons we have decided that we are not in a position to compete in the football competitions this year.  Apologies for any disappointment.  We will take part in the hurling and camogie competitions in the Spring.

Dates for your diary-
Thursday 14th April-Confirmation Day for 5th & 6th class.

Please take a look at our school website and blog where there is more information about the school and activities. Many thanks for your continued support.

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