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Numeracy is a vital skill that is important in everyday life. It is about being confident when solving problems, making decisions and analysing situations that involve numbers. Numeracy is key to lifelong learning

In numeracy, children and young people will learn through active learning and purposeful play. They will develop problem-solving capabilities through:
•  calculating mentally
•  explaining their thinking
•  using relevant contexts and experiences
•  using technology in appropriate and effective ways
•  collaborating and learning independently.


Maths for Fun is a fantastic fun based approach to learning maths. Each year, a class will be chosen to partake in this activity. One day a week for four weeks, the parents and teachers do play based maths with the class in the classroom. Each adult will be seated at a different station playing maths games with the children, and after a specified amount of time the children will move to the next station. Each station focuses on a different theme; shape and space, measures, data, algebra and number.

Maths Recovery offers a unique approach to extending children’s number knowledge, understanding and strategies. The programme provides a framework for individual, group or class-based instruction which is suitable not only for pupils who are experiencing difficulties but also for average and more able children.

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