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What is literacy and what does it mean for your family? Most people think of literacy simply as the ability to read and write.

But literacy skills are so much more than just reading and writing or having a big vocabulary—literacy skills are used everyday in everyway from helping us better understand the world we live in, to communicating clearly with one another. From understanding a joke to writing a book, literacy skills make our lives rich with meaning.

But did you know that we begin developing literacy skills at a very early age? Research has shown that children who are introduced to reading at a young age demonstrate better learning skills and are more prepared to learn when they begin their formal education in primary school.

A love of reading at an early age is one of the best investments in future school success. Even if your child is already well into his or her schooling, reading at home helps to develop vocabulary, improve spelling skills, and increase reading proficiency.

Learning to read opens the mind of a young child to an incredible world of knowledge and imagination and helps them develop creativity and thinking skills. As a parent, if you want your child to start enjoying the learning process, it’s imperative to get your child reading early…even if sometimes that isn’t the easiest task.

Here in Rathnure NS we engage in a number of initiatives to promote reading in our school. Have a look at some of the activities we do in addition to regular in-class literacy lessons.


Reading Recovery is an effective early literacy intervention designed to significantly reduce the number of children with literacy difficulties in schools. It is aimed at children who have had about one year schooling (senior infants) and who are having the most difficulty with learning to read and write. This programme is based on one to one intervention and there is an individual programme for each child. The children engage in 30 minutes of intensive teaching each day and this is supplementary to classroom teaching.

Literacy Lift Off , is an intensive in-class programme of Reading and Writing, which gives the pupils lots of opportunities to read books at their own level of competency. It gradually lifts the complexity of what they can do in both reading and writing by equipping them with the necessary problem-solving skills.

The pupils work in ‘stations’ to carry out a number of activities in reading and writing, under the guidance of teachers and Special Needs Assistants. The programme in our school uses specially graded “PM+” readers. Pupils are assessed and grouped according to their reading ability prior to the commencement of the programme.

Reading Buddies is simply reading a book together and it is very effective in bringing on reading skills. Here in school, we organise a senior pupil to read with a junior pupil and this improves the reading skills of the younger pupil and the older pupil builds confidence. A child who is assisted with paired reading can improve three times more quickly than a child without.It encourages fluency in reading and reading with expression, it helps improve word recognition and it promotes a better understanding of what is read.

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