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I.C.T. - Information Communications Technology
The use of computers in education

Effective use of I.C.T. across the curriculum is a key aim for us here in Rathnure N.S. ICT can bring enormous benefits to the class.  From an educational aspect, the use of computers brings a dynamism to lessons, putting pupils more in control of their learning, permitting independent progress and development.  ICT can be an incredible tool for every single subject.  

With the effective use of computers, pupils are entering a lesson with positive attitudes and the learning potential is already increased.  The interactive nature of our whiteboards and iPads allows pupils to become more involved, permitting effective and active learning.

Each of our classrooms is geared towards a positive learning environment using computers. There are Desktop Computers in each classroom along with Interactice Whiteboards.  We also have a set of iPads in the school.

Our ipads are loaded with education-specific apps that provide a multi-sensory learning environment for our pupils. The pupils love using these and they definitely aid child centered learning.

Interactive whiteboards are an effective way to interact with digital content and multimedia in a multi-person learning environment.

In Rathnure NS we understand that student engagement is crucial to learning and, as a growing collection of international research proves, interactive whiteboards promote student engagement. Educators can use digital resources while maintaining dynamic interaction with the entire class, provide computer-based learning without isolating students and encourage a higher level of student interaction in both teacher-directed and group-based exchanges.

Today, we have become a society that has become heavily dependent on technology to function at work, at home, and in other areas of our lives. The result of an increasing technological demand is that computers and other technological devices are having a tremendous impact on all areas of our daily lives. As well, computer technology is now being utilized in all areas of business. With a society that now extensively relies on computers, it just makes sense that computers are used daily here in Rathnure NS. For us, computers in the classroom have become an essential part of the curriculum.

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